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Awarding funds thanks to players of
People's Postcode Lottery

The goal of Forum For The Future is to transform the way our world works. For over 25 years it has been partnering with business, government, and civil society to catalyse change for a more sustainable world. In the UK, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and the US, it is now responding to a world in crisis by accelerating the shift to a just and regenerative future - one where both people and the planet can thrive.

It focuses on three transitions with huge potential for a better world: how we produce, consume, and value both food, and energy, and the purpose of business in society.

Players of People's Postcode Lottery are supporting Forum's vision that by 2030, deep and urgent transitions that will secure planetary health and social justice are underway in these three critical systems:

  1. Transforming the purpose of business in society. By 2030, it aims to have supported a big shift from businesses maximising short-term profit to the private sector driving long-term social justice and regeneration.
  2. Transforming our food systems. By 2030 it aims to have enabled change towards food systems that support healthy, affordable, and sustainable diets for all.
  3. Transforming our energy systems. By 2030 it wants to have enabled the shift to renewable energy that prioritises universal access to affordable energy, produced in ways that support human rights and allow nature to thrive.

Forum does this by bringing together the range of organisations and people who by working together and changing the way that they think, act, and collaborate can change the world. To support people to a) diagnose the current system, b) set visions for the futures, and c) forge pathways between the two.