Environmentalists are warning that the latest report by world scientists will show that the evidence about the causes of climate change and its effects is stronger than ever.

Every five years the IPCC publishes a major, authoritative and comprehensive review of the current state of scientific and technical research on the Earth's climate, the environmental and socio-economic impacts, and the response strategies to avoid further climate change.  This will be their fifth series of reports, collectively known as 'AR5' or 'Fifth Assessment Report'.

Speaking ahead of the gathering, Dr Sam Gardner, Head of Policy at WWF Scotland said:

"The Scottish Parliament recognised and responded to the threat posed by climate change with its ambitious Climate Change Act. But it now needs to step up to the mark and deliver on its promise to build a better Scotland and contribute to a lower carbon world before the window of opportunity closes.  The draft finance budget in front of the Scottish Parliament must be strengthened if we are to correct for past missed climate targets and secure the better future a low carbon economy promises.  This means doubling the support for energy efficiency to protect our households from cold winters and volatile fuel bills.  It means giving more support to cycling and walking to cut emissions, improve air quality and help fund a healthier Scotland."

WWF Global Climate and Energy Initiative leader Samantha Smith, added that the report gives more clarity on the science and increased certainty about the causes of climate change.

"More than 800 scientists from around the world have contributed to writing a compelling scientific account of the state of the earth.  Our natural world is sending a distress signal and we're ignoring it at our own peril. But if governments act now, comprehensively and immediately, they will be able to do something to change the dangerous path we are on.

The energy sector is the main culprit causing runaway climate change - but it also contains  the solution to this challenge. We expect this report to confirm again that burning fossil fuels is driving dangerous climate change. Extraction of fossil fuels is also increasingly a driver for direct loss of biodiversity. But at the same time, renewable energy provides a straightforward, proven and increasingly affordable and safe solution, with far fewer direct impacts.

If we are to follow the science, then we have to stop investing in fossil fuels and increase investment in sustainable renewable energy. WWF is calling on investors and financiers around the world to end their support for coal and to increase investments in sustainable, renewable energy, including energy access for the poor.

Getting a future where our economies are powered by renewable energy is not only within reach but is the only option we have if we are to leave a sustainable world to our children."

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